A processed Sentinel 2 satellite image capture that shows the dryness of surrounding vegetation on Angeles National Forest a day before the California Lake Fire broke out in the densely forested area. See also Forest fire risk estimation using satellite imagery

Seven days have already passed since the Southern California Lake Fire started, and the fire continues to burn. To date, it has burned an estimated size of more than 10,000 hectares is affected and 38% is already contained, more than 4000 structures remain threatened and a mandatory evacuation is still in place.

The Southern California Lake Fire started August 12, 2020 in the evening, within the densely forested area of the Angeles National Forest. The cause of the wildfire is still unknown and has threatened thousands of structures and properties as the fire spreads further on nearby areas of Lake Hughes, sawmill mountain, Burnt Peak, Little Burnt Peak, and Pine Mountain Road.

Multiple satellite image acquisition over the area shows the still burning wildfire and smoke clouds within the Angeles National Forest.


On-going wildfire

Lake Fire wildfire

Satellite image captured the morning before the wildfire happened and on-going wildfire last August 14, 2020, that shows smoke from fires that still burn the dried up vegetation within the area.

The extent of wildfire can be also seen by comparing the loss of vegetation on the affected areas of the wildfire by creating false-color imagery through the use of Near-infrared band sensor-equipped within the satellite sensor.


The above satellite imagery shows dry vegetation at risk of wildfire in red. 

On-going wildfire

Satellite image capture is processed in false-color imagery to highlight the use of Near-Infrared Band to easily see the extent of vegetation loss due to the wildfire. The color red ground features indicate vegetation loss observed by the satellite sensor.

As the wildfire continues to spread Proimagery will continue to post updated satellite images through this page to provide relative information regarding this event. Inciweb also provides regular updates from official sources.

False-color satellite image highlights the vegetation over an area as of August 19, 2020, shows the on-going wildfire in Angeles National Forest. The red-colored ground features are vegetation highlighted by the use of the near-infrared band of the satellite sensor.

The extent of Lake Fire wildfire incident as of August 19, 2020. The estimated extent reached already an estimated area of 13,061 hectares as of August 19, 2020. The extent of wildfire was derived from multiple satellite image acquisitions.