Industries we serve

Infrastructure and Civil Works

We provide governments with custom GIS solutions so they can serve their citizens and communities better. Infrastructure monitoring and digital mapping data intelligence are core to our offerings.

Urban Planning & Management

We help local governments monitor the growth of their city in a cost-effective manner. Well managed cities use ProImagery services for land governance, resource management and urban planning.

Canberra Australia Urban Planning and Management
Disaster Management of Prypiat

Disaster preparedness and Response

We help governments develop and execute disaster response plans to assess damage, prioritize tasks and keep first responders safe. We can detect building footprints following a landslide to highlight affected houses in need of assistance, or plan an optimal escape route through a flooded area using satellite imagery.

Real Estate Asset Management

We help real estate developers identify, evaluate, develop and monitor property development.

Real Estate Asset Management Satellite Imagery
Satellite imagery for telecommunications


We help cable and wireless companies optimize their 5G rollout using high resolution satellite imagery and change detection algorithms.

Energy & Mining

We help energy & mining companies monitor deposits and oversee remote infrastructure on a cost-effective basis.

Satellite Imagery for Mining and Energy
Environmental Monitoring using Satellite Imagery


We help governments and NGOs monitor climate change impacts using medium resolution satellite imagery and change detection algorithms over remote areas to highlight areas of concern.

Agriculture and Precision Farming

We can provide satellite imagery with a delay of hours, not weeks. This allows farmers to get near real-time data on their land to optimize their harvest and use of limited resources.

Satellite imagery for Farmland

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